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Bee is a 3 letter word which starts with the letter B and ends with the letter E for which we found 4 definitions.

- p. p. of Be; -- used for been.
(n.) An insect of the order Hymenoptera and family Apidae (the honeybees) or family Andrenidae (the solitary bees.) See Honeybee.
(n.) A neighborly gathering of people who engage in united labor for the benefit of an individual or family; as a quilting bee; a husking bee; a raising bee.
(n.) Pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit to reeve the fore-topmast stays through; -- called also bee blocks.

Syllable Information

The word Bee is a 3 letter word that has 1 syllable . The syllable division for Bee is: bee

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