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Deep is a 4 letter word which starts with the letter D and ends with the letter P for which we found 5 definitions.

(superl.) Extending far below the surface; of great perpendicular dimension (measured from the surface downward and distinguished from high which is measured upward); far to the bottom; having a certain depth; as a deep sea.
(superl.) Extending far back from the front or outer part; of great horizontal dimension (measured backward from the front or nearer part mouth etc.); as a deep cave or recess or wound; a gallery ten seats deep; a company of soldiers six files deep.
(superl.) Low in situation; lying far below the general surface; as a deep valley.
(superl.) Hard to penetrate or comprehend; profound; -- opposed to shallow or superficial; intricate; mysterious; not obvious; obscure; as a deep subject or plot.
(superl.) Of penetrating or far-reaching intellect; not superficial; thoroughly skilled; sagacious; cunning.

Syllable Information

The word Deep is a 4 letter word that has 1 syllable . The syllable division for Deep is: deep

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