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Acuteness is a 9 letter word which starts with the letter A and ends with the letter S for which we found 4 definitions.

(n.) The quality of being acute or pointed; sharpness; as the acuteness of an angle.
(n.) The faculty of nice discernment or perception; acumen; keenness; sharpness; sensitiveness; -- applied to the senses or the understanding. By acuteness of feeling we perceive small objects or slight impressions: by acuteness of intellect we discern nice distinctions.
(n.) Shrillness; high pitch; -- said of sounds.
(n.) Violence of a disease which brings it speedily to a crisis.

Syllable Information

The word acuteness is a 9 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for acuteness is: a-cute-ness

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