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Analogue is a 8 letter word which starts with the letter A and ends with the letter E for which we found 5 definitions.

(n.) That which is analogous to or corresponds with some other thing.
(n.) A word in one language corresponding with one in another; an analogous term; as the Latin pater is the analogue of the English father.
(n.) An organ which is equivalent in its functions to a different organ in another species or group or even in the same group; as the gill of a fish is the analogue of a lung in a quadruped although the two are not of like structural relations.
(n.) A species in one genus or group having its characters parallel one by one with those of another group.
(n.) A species or genus in one country closely related to a species of the same genus or a genus of the same group in another: such species are often called representative species and such genera representative genera.

Syllable Information

The word analogue is a 8 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for analogue is: an-a-logue

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