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Attack is a 6 letter word which starts with the letter A and ends with the letter K for which we found 5 definitions.

(v. t.) To fall upon with force; to assail as with force and arms; to assault.
(v. t.) To assail with unfriendly speech or writing; to begin a controversy with; to attempt to overthrow or bring into disrepute by criticism or satire; to censure; as to attack a man or his opinions in a pamphlet.
(v. t.) To set to work upon as upon a task or problem or some object of labor or investigation.
(v. t.) To begin to affect; to begin to act upon injuriously or destructively; to begin to decompose or waste.
(v. i.) To make an onset or attack.

Syllable Information

The word attack is a 6 letter word that has 2 syllable 's . The syllable division for attack is: at-tack

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