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Cog is a 3 letter word which starts with the letter C and ends with the letter G for which we found 5 definitions.

(v. t.) To seduce or draw away by adulation artifice or falsehood; to wheedle; to cozen; to cheat.
(v. t.) To obtrude or thrust in by falsehood or deception; as to cog in a word; to palm off.
(v. i.) To deceive; to cheat; to play false; to lie; to wheedle; to cajole.
(n.) A trick or deception; a falsehood.
(n.) A tooth cam or catch for imparting or receiving motion as on a gear wheel or a lifter or wiper on a shaft; originally a separate piece of wood set in a mortise in the face of a wheel.

Syllable Information

The word cog is a 3 letter word that has 1 syllable . The syllable division for cog is: cog

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