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Effloresce is a 10 letter word which starts with the letter E and ends with the letter E for which we found 3 definitions.

(v. i.) To blossom forth.
(v. i.) To change on the surface or throughout to a whitish mealy or crystalline powder from a gradual decomposition esp. from the loss of water on simple exposure to the air; as Glauber's salts and many others effloresce.
(v. i.) To become covered with a whitish crust or light crystallization from a slow chemical change between some of the ingredients of the matter covered and an acid proceeding commonly from an external source; as the walls of limestone caverns sometimes effloresce with nitrate of calcium in consequence of the action in consequence of nitric acid formed in the atmosphere.

Syllable Information

The word effloresce is a 10 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for effloresce is: ef-flo-resce

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