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Engagement is a 10 letter word which starts with the letter E and ends with the letter T for which we found 5 definitions.

(n.) The act of engaging pledging enlisting occupying or entering into contest.
(n.) The state of being engaged pledged or occupied; specif. a pledge to take some one as husband or wife.
(n.) That which engages; engrossing occupation; employment of the attention; obligation by pledge promise or contract; an enterprise embarked in; as his engagements prevented his acceptance of any office.
(n.) An action; a fight; a battle.
(n.) The state of being in gear; as one part of a clutch is brought into engagement with the other part.

Syllable Information

The word engagement is a 10 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for engagement is: en-gage-ment

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