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Presumption is a 11 letter word which starts with the letter P and ends with the letter N for which we found 4 definitions.

(n.) The act of presuming or believing upon probable evidence; the act of assuming or taking for granted; belief upon incomplete proof.
(n.) Ground for presuming; evidence probable but not conclusive; strong probability; reasonable supposition; as the presumption is that an event has taken place.
(n.) That which is presumed or assumed; that which is supposed or believed to be real or true on evidence that is probable but not conclusive.
(n.) The act of venturing beyond due beyond due bounds; an overstepping of the bounds of reverence respect or courtesy; forward overconfident or arrogant opinion or conduct; presumptuousness; arrogance; effrontery.

Syllable Information

The word presumption is a 11 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for presumption is: pre-sump-tion

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