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Temperament is a 11 letter word which starts with the letter T and ends with the letter T for which we found 5 definitions.

(v. t.) Internal constitution; state with respect to the relative proportion of different qualities or constituent parts.
(v. t.) Due mixture of qualities; a condition brought about by mutual compromises or concessions.
(v. t.) The act of tempering or modifying; adjustment as of clashing rules interests passions or the like; also the means by which such adjustment is effected.
(v. t.) Condition with regard to heat or cold; temperature.
(v. t.) A system of compromises in the tuning of organs pianofortes and the like whereby the tones generated with the vibrations of a ground tone are mutually modified and in part canceled until their number reduced to the actual practicable scale of twelve tones to the octave. This scale although in so far artificial is yet closely suggestive of its origin in nature and this system of tuning although not mathematically true yet satisfies the ear while it has the convenience that the same twelve fixed tones answer for every key or scale C/ becoming identical with D/ and so on.
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