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Act is a 3 letter word which starts with the letter A and ends with the letter T for which we found 5 definitions.

(n.) That which is done or doing; the exercise of power or the effect of which power exerted is the cause; a performance; a deed.
(n.) The result of public deliberation; the decision or determination of a legislative body council court of justice etc.; a decree edit law judgment resolve award; as an act of Parliament or of Congress.
(n.) A formal solemn writing expressing that something has been done.
(n.) A performance of part of a play; one of the principal divisions of a play or dramatic work in which a certain definite part of the action is completed.
(n.) A thesis maintained in public in some English universities by a candidate for a degree or to show the proficiency of a student.

Syllable Information

The word act is a 3 letter word that has 1 syllable . The syllable division for act is: act

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