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Off is a 3 letter word which starts with the letter O and ends with the letter F for which we found 5 definitions.

adv. In a general sense, denoting from or away from; as:
adv. Denoting distance or separation; as, the house is a mile off.
adv. Denoting the action of removing or separating; separation; as, to take off the hat or cloak; to cut off, to pare off, to clip off, to peel off, to tear off, to march off, to fly off, and the like.
adv. Denoting a leaving, abandonment, departure, abatement, interruption, or remission; as, the fever goes off; the pain goes off; the game is off; all bets are off.
adv. Denoting a different direction; not on or towards: away; as, to look off.

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