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Transcription is a 13 letter word which starts with the letter T and ends with the letter N for which we found 3 definitions.

(n.) The act or process of transcribing or copying; as corruptions creep into books by repeated transcriptions.
(n.) A copy; a transcript.
(n.) An arrangement of a composition for some other instrument or voice than that for which it was originally written as the translating of a song a vocal or instrumental quartet or even an orchestral work into a piece for the piano; an adaptation; an arrangement; -- a name applied by modern composers for the piano to a more or less fanciful and ornate reproduction on their own instrument of a song or other piece not originally intended for it; as Liszt's transcriptions of songs by Schubert.

Syllable Information

The word transcription is a 13 letter word that has 3 syllable 's . The syllable division for transcription is: tran-scrip-tion

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